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Definition of making a Sudku: given a blank nine by nine Grid, you make a Sudoku puzzle satisfying that (1) This Sudoku has one and only one solution. (2) The pre-filled digits are symmetrical. (3) The fewer digits are pre-filled, the better.

Create Classic Sudoku: Make Your Own in Minutes!

Available on Amazon: CREATE CLASSIC SUDOKU: Make Your Own in Minutes!

If you are a Sudoku lover who is interested in creating a Sudoku puzzle, and you love the challenges and the mental workout, then this book is for you! It is also a perfect birthday or holiday gift for your friends or family who is a Sudoku fan! The mental workout of creating a Sudoku puzzle will also help reduce the onset of Alzheimer's or dementia. It also helps develop your kid's number logic reasoning while having the fun of making a Sudoku puzzle game! It is an inspiring Sudoku making book and suits for anyone from age 10 to 100. As the first book revealing a shortcut to create a classic Sudoku in a guaranteed way, it illustrates a concrete example of setting up a very easy Sudoku puzzle in a step-by-step style. As long as you can solve a very easy Sudoku, you can create a very easy Sudoku using the shortcut. Also, by making Sudoku puzzles, you will be a better Sudoku solver.

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