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Hi, Sudoku lovers. If you are reading this, most likely you love Sudoku a lot, to the degree that you are a master level Sudoku solver. And now you wonder, can I make a Sudoku puzzle, just using my solving Sudoku techniques?

Good news is that Yes. I suggest you think a lot how you can make a Sudoku puzzle before coming back again to this website! I suggested you do so because the fun of having your way to creating a Sudoku puzzle is immeasurable. Creativity, number logic reasoning, and the mental workout will exercise your brain. Creating a Sudoku will help develop you or your kid's number logic reasoning while having the fun of making a Sudoku puzzle game! And the mental workout of setting up a Sudoku puzzle will also help reduce the onset of Alzheimer's or dementia. Both Sudoku solving and creating suit for anyone from age 10 to 100.

My idea to create a Classic Sudoku is simple, straightforward, and always guarantee you make at least a very easy Sudoku puzzle! I am still working on this website and books about creating Sudokus. If you have thought a lot about making a Sudoku yourself, and decide to know what my shortcut to make a Sudoku puzzle is, I have a video below for you to make a very easy Sudoku puzzle.

My name is not that important. I am a Sudoku lover just like you who love the challenges and the mental workout. If you want to reach out to me to discuss your idea or make comments and suggestions for my website, please do not hesitate to shot me an email at

If you are interested to have a free Ebook of creating a classic Sudoku, you can go to to request one, or email me at with subject "Create Sudoku Free Ebook". Thank you!

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